ny text

har skrivit en ny text som ja tyckte att ni skulle få läsa :)<3

take my hand and give me a chance ,let me bee how i wan't to bee
and when the sky falls down, you are safe in my arms
just a sense of your love makes my heart take two heartbeats at the same time
when you fall i'm ready to catch you
your words from your heart makes me belive that you are real and not just a fake person
when i feel your breath i feel safe

and comfortable
i'm falling for your love
you are the light from the sky you are the light in my haert
you are everything i need
you are the love in my life
love is hard,love is tought but one thing that is
certain is that you will always be a part of my love
The only thing that would hurt me, is if you weren't here
i can not imagine a life without you

Postat av: nicole

Fin :)

Allt bra med dig idag?


2010-07-06 @ 15:51:46
URL: http://nicolesjostrom.blogg.se/

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