en text <3

en text jag skrivit skriv vad ni tycker och tänker om den 

when im sing it's my heart that speak to you when i can't see the light you seed to me that is gonna be okay and i saw that you relly ment it in you're eyes. i close my eyes and whis that i would be better but i diden't know that you was everything i needed you ment so much but i diden't saw that before it was to late now i just wish that i was happy when you war with me

I can not think clearly I'm about to make a big mistake for the missing of you are too much I wish I could go with you to heaven because I do not want to be alone on this earth, the life without you is too scary for me i just fail on everything i do al the time becuse you are always on my mind, when i lost you was it like a puzzle piece war missing from my heart

inga lösögonfransar men ser nästan så ut

puss beccy <3


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